Monday, 31 December 2012

Nails Inc Bling It On Black Leather and Skulls.

First up to wish anyone reading this a happy and safe New Years Eve and best wishes for 2013!

My New Years Eve Nails are made up using a recent purchase from Nails Inc.  This was the first time I have purchased from them online so I took advantage of a 20% off code from their pop up box when you register your email address.  This took the price of postage off so ultimately I only paid retail price for the set.  

The set apparently sold out very quickly due to Alexa Chung wearing it on a recent red carpet.  I say apparently as I haven't got a clue, I first heard about this set in the Daily Mail, then saw a blog post featuring it later the same day and got online looking for it.

Firstly to describe the pack (I threw out the box without thinking so cannot show pictures) it comes with the black leather finish polish, 4 skull decorations which feature little diamontes, nail glue and an orange stick.

The polish goes on shiny and black, it's a one coater.  I used it over my normal nail envy / matte polish combi base.  It begins drying very quickly!  The leather dimples start to appear almost immediately, but the polish takes about 15 minutes to dry and develop the full leathery effect.

The glue is very.... sticky.  And runny.  It almost ended up with me being stuck to the kitchen roll I'd covered the breakfast bar in and the orange stick stuck on my lip (don't ask.....)

Anyhow on to the pictures, this has an accent nail of OPI DS Original too as I felt it leathery darkness needed something a bit softer in contrast.

I really like this polish!  The texture isn't too much for me, I'm terrible for picking if something is raised up.  The skulls are flat and my nails aren't so the cross bones are raised which could annoy me after a while.  I think if you were careful you could remove the skulls and reuse them.

I had thought before receiving this that I may be able to create a look using black polish and sponging matte polish over the top, but looking at the finish I don't think I could do anything which would do it justice!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

January Challenge.

Regular posting has resumed! I'm taking part in the January 31 Day Challenge from Crumpet's Nail Tarts (wish me luck!!) if you want to take part you can join the group here on Facebook.

I have already managed to complete most of these posts during December as I had some time off work and did my nails every day, sometimes twice a day!  Since completing these I have had to trim my nails back as they were starting to affect my ability to type at work, so for the last week of December I'll be posting nubs, then on Jan 1st my nails will miraculously be longer!!

Best of British Best of 2012

British Nail Bloggers

This will be the last Best of British for 2012 so instead of a weekly round up, this week it's an annual round up.  For me 2012 has been the year in which I started my blog, initially on the Tumblr platform, then I switched over to Blogger.  It allowed me to keep all the pictures - which were cluttering up my phone - somewhere I could look at them properly and also share them with people who may have an interest in looking at them. Not many people I know "get" my "nail thing!"   I've tried explaining that some people have collections of handbags and shoes, others have massive amounts of make up, some folks won't leave the house with a hair out of place and for me it my nails (although I can be guilty of the rest of those things, especially if I've just had a hair cut!)

2012 was the year Em's Little Corner was created, looking back through the blogposts this China Glaze dotticure is a particular favourite!

2012 has been a fantastic year for Kerrie from PishPosh and Polish. There has been some really memorable manicures and some really memorable nail polishes released! To sum up the year Kerrie has posted her Top Ten Polishes of 2012 are your favorites here? What would you have picked?

Polished Art was only created back in the summer, but Sam has had great fun blogging since! The highlight for her has been participating in challenges - being pushed to try new techniques and meeting lots of lovely bloggers :) Her first challenge was the Summer Challenge!

Rose Tint My Nails has only been up and running for a month, so instead of a 'Best post of the year' Alyssia offers up a new feature on the blog: Sister Saturdays in which her and her sister go head to head set to a theme, this month's theme is Galaxy Nails!

Northern Nails turned one in November , can't quite believe I have blogged for a whole year , so I thought a review of 2012 was called for, and a massive thankyou to you all for still coming back and reading !

Lou from Painted Nails & Baking Scales has her top two polishes to show you. First up, her all time fav, Haze of Love by Wet N Wild Megalast followed by her all time second favourite of the year Khloe Had a Little Lam Lam by Nicole by OPI .

Wendy from Wendy's Delights has really enjoyed the Nail Challenges this year, her fave being home made water decals with mini tutorial go on give it a go, it's fun! !

Anna of Anna's Polish Addiction has posted her top 5 2012 manis

This year The Teenage Shopaholic was... created! She started her blog in September and since then she has created some amazing things such as her Halloween mani , Birthday mani and Christmas mani.

Claire at nuthin' but a nail thing's favourite mani this year was definitely her British Sausage Week nails! Mmm! Everyone loves a bit of sausage!

Lyndsay at Pie's Eyes looks back on one of her favourite polishes of 2012 Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis a gorgeous duochrome and a very lucky find!

Barry M Turquoise and Layla Ultra Violet

Today I'm posting two more of the polishes I received at Christmas.  The holo was a gift and the Barry M was one I used a gift voucher to purchase.

First up is Layla Ultra Violet holo.  I have read that the Layla holo polishes can be hard work and go on streaky or need special bases, I used my normal base of Nail Envy and Rimmel Matte top coat.  I had no problems with base this at all.  The following pictures show two coats with of Layla topped with Seche.  One of these is after a day's wear, I'm not sure which as there was no real tip wear.

The last one is indoor lighting, no flash, holo still there.

Barry M Turquoise was a real surprise.  In the bottle hubby looked at this and described this as "quite a boring polish" and to be fair I agreed somewhat.  But on the nails it comes to life, an almost neon finish with more of a green leaning than is visible on the photos.  This polish will be worn again, possible stamped over or dotted, but it certainly comes high up on my favourites in this type of shade.  Close to a-england Galahad in my favour but not quite!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

China Glaze Running in Circles & Water You Waiting For?

These are the last two of the China Glaze Cirque du Soleil collection which I really wanted.  I skipped the pink and red shades and have bought the rest.  I posted about the six I have already purchased here and then at Christmas when I got a gift voucher for Amazon these two were in amongst the polishes I got.

First up is Running in Circles, glittery stunning green.  This has now become my most favourite green, replacing Nubar Reclaim.  

Next is Water You Waiting For?  This reminded me a little of CG Skyscraper, although the shade of blue is totally different.

I have totally loved this entire collection by China Glaze.  The only reason I haven't purchased the red and pink shades is because I think I have some very similar Barry M polishes in my already too big stash.  The formulations of all the polishes have been great even Creative Fantasy went on in two coats for me.  I have found that a couple of my polishes have brushes which look to be a little wild compared to the usual China Glaze ones but these haven't affected application.

OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvellous

This is the first of my manis using the new polishes I got a Christmas, I used the OPIs.  The darkgrey finish of Lucerne-tainly Look Marvellous is amazing, it isn't something I think any camera shot will ever do justice.  It goes on as a glistening gun metal grey, with lots of micro glitters giving hints of pink, blue and purple.

 I added a layer of Pirouette My Whistle on my ring fingers.

The following pictures are after a day's wear.  I actually wore this for two days!

I want to try a comparison of LLM against China Glaze Stone-Cold.  Mattify LLM for one comparison and add topcoat to Stone Cold for another.  It may be a while before I get around to these as I am prepping for the Jan 31 day challenge just now!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Haul!

My Christmas gifts had included some polish related items...

OPI set  of Pirouette My Whistle and Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, Layla Holo in Ultra Violet, nail bead set, stickers and a correction pen.  I also got a bottle of Avoplex oil which I forgot to add to this little lot.

Aside from this I got an Amazon voucher and some money.... so I got on Amazon and ordered the last couple of China Glaze Cirque du Soleil's I'd been eyeing, China Glaze Fairy Dust and two Barry Ms.  

The money lured me to fellow British Nail Blogger Sally at Nailpron's online store Sally's Magpies Magnificent Nail Emporium where I ordered some Jade Holographics, another of the Layla holos and a jelly polish from the HITS range.

After my no buy 12 polishes feels like a mahoooosive amount!

Oh and before Christmas I ordered the Nails Inc Leather and Skulls set too!

Birthday Blues

It was my birthday earlier in the month.  I got an Amazon voucher which was timed perfectly as I needed more Nail Envy and Seche Vite.  As there was a little bit of the voucher left I searched W7 and ordered one from Faith (AKA!!) Whilst I begrudge the fact that purchasing a W7 from them via Amazon costs me extra in postage, as I was buying it with a voucher I could swallow it.  Just about!

I ordered W7 "Fluorescent Blue" which I actually think is more of a baby blue.  It arrived pretty promptly and I love the colour of it in the bottle.  It is a frosty, baby blue.  The formula seemed very runny and I managed to flood my cuticles several times.  It was thin and I used 4 layers for the following pictures.

As I don't have the patience to apply four layers evry time in future I decided to try layering this for comparisons. L-R these are China Glaze Electric Beat, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, a-england Excalibur, a-england Camelot.

Electric Beat and Excalibur are good potential base, not so keen on white or black under this.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

No polish today, just a quick post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Hope Santa has filled all your stockings with polish lemmings!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Glitter Skittles

This is my Christmas 2012 mani!!  

I'm "Back in Black" with a-england Camelot and topped with glitters...  It's not a traditional red/green/gold festivity but it's sparkly and it's on my nails now!!

I used thumb Barry M Pink Sapphire Glitter, index OPI Servin up Sparkle, middle W7 Multi Glitter, ring Nails Inc Rainbow Street, little finger was two coats of butterlondon The Black Knight (no Camelot on this nail.)

There are two glitter hex's on my ring finger which look messy on cuticle but I couldn't see it until I saw these pictures when the flash picked it up!!

 Closer look at the individual nails 

Nails Inc Southwark

I've been fancying this blue for a while, this mani is unseasonal, but I had a play about with using Nails Inc Southwark as the base for a Union Jack (it's meant to be a Union Flag now I believe, but Jack is the term I always use for this!) I have heard it described as a "crelly" finish, cream meets jelly.  It is a gorgeous high shine, although it's looking a little dull on these pictures. 

After applying this blue (one coat!) I added stripes of white using OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and red OPI You Rock-a-pulco Red and topped with Seche.

This was taken after a very busy day on second day of wear and had some terrible tipwear.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Best of British 23/12/12

British Nail Bloggers

It's almost Christmas, I think Santa may be bringing me some nail polishes and hopefully a helmer to keep them in! Here's this week's best of British roundup....

It's another Festive themed week at Pie's Eyes, including a Candy Cane manicure and a Snow Scene head over and check them out.

Emma's showing her favourite "party glitter" Nails Inc Rainbow St a party on the nails at Emma's Little Corner!

Claire at nuthin' but a nail thing has some Festive Robins for you this week! Check out her Christmas Tutorials page if you fancy recreating some christmas manicures.

Steph has some new friends she'd like you to meet =D

Has Enigmatic Rambles mastered the festive wrap styled nails? either way they are very pretty!

Anna of Anna's Polish Addiction has a new favourite polish - a gorgeous indie from Glitzology, she's also posted Nails Inc Disco Lane and two Christmas manis.

This week The Teenage Shopaholic has been... getting Christmassy! She created a cute Christmas mani to get into the festive spirit

Santa nail art

Sincerely Stephanie created an awesome mani with Santa on her nails.   I had to try it, from looking at her pictures I could see what she had done, so I tried to recreate an accent nail with Santa on it.  Since I created this Stephanie has created a you tube tutorial.

I used Nails Inc Holly Hill red on the rest of my nails and topped with China Glaze's Get Carried Away (think of Santa once he's covered in coal dust from going down chimneys!)

The majority of my posts show my right hand and I'm right handed so I'm quite impressed I managed to do this!

Here's my left hand accent nail - wonky mouth!

Here's the polishes I used, L-R these are Color Club Nomadic in Nude, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, a-england Camelot, Nails Inc Holly Hill, Barry M Gelly Grapefruit, Sally Hansen Metallic Momentum and China Glaze Get Carried Away.

I'm not impressed with the combination of Get Carried Away and Holly Hill - upon removal some of the larger hex's managed to leave red staining on my nails, WTF??? How this happened I don't know but I have four nails looking like they have measles :(

This is my last daily post for the next week, I've scheduled a couple of posts over the next week.  I normally post on a daily basis but I'm going to try and get some family time in and some prep ready for a January challenge when I'll be back to daily posting.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Sat-ART-day - mayans end of the world theme.

Starting with a base of Navy Blue (to represent space) Nails Inc Motcombe St, I dotted with silver (stars) using a-england Excalibur to say YOL and used a diamonante for the final O of the light going out.

It's a messy affair on my left hand, I don't normally show my left hand.  But as the world is ending yesterday no one will be here to bitch about it - LOL! I've scheduled this post in hope that any survivors may one day be able to see this!