Friday, 27 July 2012

a-england Camelot, Excalibur and Morgan Le Fay

I used the nail mail I got yesterday to create the following manicure

 Direct sunlight

Direct sunlight

For this I used base of 2 x Nail Envy, the black I used is a-england Camelot, then applied a layer of Seche to hurry things along so I could tape of the corners on each nail.  I used Morgan Le Fay on the taped off section and a variety of different sized dots with Excalibur on each ring finger as a contrasting design.  I finished off with W7 clear topcoat on each nail.

The three Mythicals I got were part of the recent offer for a fiver each, they were the last of the Mythicals that I REALLY wanted.  There is now only 3 a-england polishes which I don't own!  I almost didn't bother with Camelot as I have OPI Black Onyx, but I am so glad I did!

The biggest surprise was how well Camelot went on - one coat and it was opaque black, no streaking or imperfections.  Amazing!  I had not ordered Morgan Le Fay previously and I can't understand why!  It went on with almost a blue hue over the black - I can't wait to try it over other colours and see what it produces - in direct sunshine it took on a slight holographic finish.  In indirect lighting it had micro glitters, pink and blue being most visible.

The following picture is after a day of wear, when I received my Nailasaurus prize I added the blue striping tape and love how this finishes the manicure.

This is my first time using striping tape for about six years, I used to have some sold in strips rather than rolls by Special FX, who used to sell on QVC.  This seemed easier to use, although it wasn't until I was cropping the pictures that I noticed the middle finger didn't seem to be properly attached at time of taking pictures.  The pictures above don't do justice to how well the blue striping tape went with the silvery blue and black.

I can't wait to try a "laser" mani using the striping tape and the opaque black one coater Camelot.

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