Saturday, 28 July 2012


my colour inspiration

I started out with OPI Black Cherry Chutney, I love this shade, not only is it a dark vampy purple with hints of red and gold, but it can be a great base for Max Factor Fantasy Fire.  But I decided not to use fantasy fire, and so the disaster began!

work in progress

In my mind I had a great idea for doing a corner of each nail as a tape mani, so after my two layers of nail envy, two layers of Black Cherry Chutney and a layer of Seche (yay! big smiley face!) 

I taped off the corners and used Zoya Maisie flakie polish on each corner (should have fantasy fire'd!) then the tape peeled off and I had sharp lines, it looked great.  At this point I should have stopped.  And took pics, but I didn't.....  

I hate this...

In my wisdom I added a row of the pink OPI Past Present and Fuchsia using a dotting tool, then decided the dots when spaced looked naff and filled the gap.  At this point the tops of my fingers began to resemble a shell suit I had as a teenager in the nineties.  Horrible.  I didn't even bother to to take more than the single picture above.

It lasted a day as I didn't have time to start over.

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  1. Too bad it didn't work out, but it made for a funny post that made me laugh.


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