Monday, 30 July 2012

Holo-stripes and a Fantasy Fail

A little while ago Mimi at Make-Up Withdrawal did an amazing striped mani using several colours click here for amazing pictures. I pinned this on my Pinterest board which got thousands of repins, it is amazing how quickly it spread.

Inspired to try this with my recently received striping tape I fancied some holo too. Patience is not a gift I was blessed with, so I decided only to use it as an accent nail.  There's quite a list of layers on here, I'm surprised my nails aren't an inch thick!

I started out with two coats of Nail Envy.  Then I used a layer of a-england Excalibur (opaque one coat silver) on all nails apart from accent nail, on which I used a layer of a-england Bridal Veil.  I layered the Seche onto Bridal Veil and then went over all other nails with two coats of Ozotic 533, topping with Seche.  By time I had done all this the accent nails were nicely ready to start the striping tape mani.

As my nails aren't as long as Mimi's, and I only wanted to use 4 colours, I firstly put the stripe in the middle, then halved the remaining space.  It was easier to get right on my left (non-dominant) hand.  I used red Holo Ozotic 518, pink mish mash holo Ozotic 531, lilac OPI DS Original and silver OPI DS Shimmer, then peeled off the tape with tweezers and left about 5 mins before adding another layer of topcoat (this time I used a-england Shield.)

I got some red on my cuticle on left hand which will not come off (and I have very little acetone in the house either, certainly not enough to dip a cotton bud into, must buy some tomorrow!)

Not having any remover led to nails getting thicker, tip wear left my nails needing freshening up, so I decided to "Saran wrap" them with Max Factor Fantasy Fire.  Fantasy indeed, as although the layering worked, it was nothing amazing.  The following pictures are same layers as above, plus Fantasy Fire, plus The Shield top coat.

The colour looked great, but wasn't the effect I wanted so... bearing in mind I can't remove, I added... I tried the "Saran" thing again using a-england Lady of the Lake.  Only did thumb and couldn't get what I wanted still.  So in the end I reached for the sponge and did a gradient mani using Lady of the Lake and Morgan Le Fay.  Then topped it with W7 top coat!  The gradient mani I ended up with looks fab, but as my fingers are covered in polish which I can't remove, I haven't bothered to point the camera their way!  If the polish comes off with showering and moisturiser I'll try to grab a photo!


  1. Love the stripes! Great tip about putting the tap halfway and then halfway through each half. You got it to look very even.


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