Friday, 27 July 2012

Some of my recent stamping with cheeky plate CH13.

I have tried Enchanted Polish Vampire's Dessert as a stamping polish as it seems highly pigmented. I love it used this way, it really works well, very easy to use, image transferred to stamper cleanly each time. Normally when I stamp I find that at least one attempt will not transfer cleanly from plate to stamper, meaning cleaning it straight off and wasting polish to start over. Vampire's Dessert produced a full coverage image first scrape every time.

I used CH13 several times recently as I like the image, stamping over a-england Guinevere and Galahad. The images above are after 24hrs of wear. I used 2 coats nail envy, two coats of a-england, one coat of a-england top coat, stamped with Vampire's Dessert, then added Poshe. I am still wearing this as I really like the colours.

I then added China Glaze Matte Magic after 48hrs wear:

I used W7 lime green and a-england St George to get the following images:

I really like the Cheeky image plates, they seem to be crisp images every time. I have the second series Bundle Monster plates, a large stamping plate A by Cheeky and a couple of Konads but keep going for Cheeky plates at moment.  I have just got my mitts on the Red Angel plates, but am yet to try them.


  1. The green stamping looks great on you, and the matted stamping looks really nice, too. Can't believe that was after a few days' wear! It looks perfect!

    1. I am really pleased with the wear time I get from a-england polishes, they seem to stick like glue.


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