Friday, 27 July 2012

Surprise Nail Mail

Today's nail mail was a surprise when I walked in from work.   A while ago I won one of the prizes in a giveaway by Sammy at Nailasaurus blog to celebrate 4000 followers.  I won a  set of Red Angel stamping plates and lots of striping tape.  My prize came today and I was so excited that the striping tape was on my nails quicker than you can say "Nailasaurus giveaway prize" (pix of what I did to try the tape out will follow!)

I haven't tried the stamping plates yet, but can't wait to test them out.

I'm going to start transferring some of my posts over from Tumblr over the weekend, put some of my older attempts on to this blog.  I think it will probably be a tedious affair but once it's done it's done :)

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