Wednesday, 1 August 2012

After the Fantasy Fail...

My previous post showed my "Fantasy Fail" when I tried to use the bunched up clingfilm / Saran Wrap technique using Fantasy Fire.  As this didn't really work plus I had tip wear and no acetone in the house, I decided to sponge over this.  By the time of picure below I had the following on my nails

2x Nail Envy
1x a-england Excalibur
2x Ozotic 533
1x Seche Vite
1x cling - filmed Max Factor Fantasy Fire
1x Shield
then I sponged using a-england Lady of the Lake and Morgan Le Fay and topped with another top coat (can't remember which at this stage)

The picture shows the only two nails I had left at time of taking photo, the rest had come off in sheets, I guess there was just too many layers on there!

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