Monday, 6 August 2012

Black Magic.... Fail!

Another failed idea of a manicure!  I saw a tape mani which looked really simple, but wanted to try bolder colours, so I started with a layer of a-england Perceval, then a coat of Seche.  Once dry I taped off the pattern which on my left hand was a vertical stripe to left and a horizontal to top, on right hand I had them opposing, vertical to right and horizontal to bottom of nail.  So far so good.  

Then I added a layer of a-england Camelot, one coat and perfect.  

I peeled off the tape and started to see it... my nails resembled a chocolate box.  All I was missing was the bow!  I added a layer of Poshe and my nails never set properly, many smudged off that night (not that I was bothered it saved on removal time when I changed them the next morning) Only nails left in tact were right hand middle and ring finger, so I took these as a reminder NOT to combine black and red like this again!! 


  1. Glad you posted a picture of the chocolates because our bonbon boxes aren't red & black in the U.S.

    What a shame it was such a hassle. It's so pretty!

    1. This was really easy, the only mistake I made apart from colour choice was to use Seche and Poshe within an hour of each other, I have found my W7 Diamond top coat to be the best for going over nail art so I'll stick to that next time


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