Monday, 13 August 2012

Blackened Teal Comparisons

Since buying Nubar Earth, I found myself beginning to wonder if I had a dupe in my collection as when in the bottle it looked very similar to Saint George.  I'm quite pleased with myself for having 126 polishes and only three or four dupes (mainly as I bought Color Club Back to Boho without considering if they duped anything I already had.) 

I decided to layer the following over my existing mani (which was Nubar Reclaim) before removing it to compare them.  The following pix were a single layer, no topcoat.  As a curved  ball I threw in Glitter Gal Lizard Belly as this is a holo blackened teal.  The results surprised me.

In the bottle Nubar looks more blue than the others, Lizard Belly looks very black

ooops didn't rub cuticle cream in properly.  With flash LB and SG look very similar.  Holo is stronger with flash on LB.

without flash LB and SG look more similar than the ones I originally thought were dupes.

So on comparison I originally worried I had some dupes in Earth and Saint George, yet actually Lizard Belly looks more like a dupe of Saint George.  However there are differences, Saint George doesn't have the blackened base and shows up as a rich green in many lights, also with a hint of holo, I find Lizard Belly comes out more black than green and the holo is quite weak.  Given the comparable pricing I would probably opt for the a-england over the Glitter Gal as whilst both go on in one coat, the bottle sizes are very different and on value for money I'd say a-england wins out easily. 


  1. Great comparisons! They're all quite different but still have that darkness going on. My favorite is Earth =)

    1. They are all different (and so I can justify to hubby having all three!) I haven't tried Earth alone yet, but it certainly looks good!


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