Sunday, 19 August 2012


I've been trying out my butter LONDON polishes, here's a few combinations I've worn over past week or so.

Firstly The Black Knight:

The Black Knight was a wedding candidate, I almost bought this to wear on my wedding day, in the end I only bought it a couple of weeks ago.  On the pictures above I wore base of two coats of nail envy, got perfect coverage in two coats and added a top coat, probably Seche, but I can't remember. I'd done my nails on the Friday evening and these were taken Saturday morning in the rare sunshine we get, there was already a peel starting on the ring finger. I didn't find wear time fantastic, it was less than 24 hours before it had all peeled off.  Glitter polishes and me just don't seem to get on, they either never set fully then smudge, or set rock hard and peel off in sheets then next day.

Last week I had squared my nails off when I'd had to file them back, but they didn't feel "right" so square, after only three days I had to reshape them back to normal "squoval" to avoid keep catching them.

Next was Tart with a Heart and Victoriana:

I layered Tart with a Heart over Victoriana, Victoriana being a gorgeous shimmery blue pictured alone in first of this group of pictures, in these pictures it was base of two coats of Nail Envy, one Victoriana, two Tart with a Heart and one W7 Diamond Top Coat.  The combination of micro gold glitter and larger holo glitter which makes up Tart with a Heart was mesmerising, however this is another mani which I put on in the evening on Thursday and by Friday afternoon it had peeled off in sheets.  I also had terrible shrinkage at the tips, despite using a top coat which does not normally cause shrinkage.

I have also worn Tart with a Heart over a-england Camelot, but this was smudged within an hour of application and never got photographed.

Tart with a Heart over All Hail the Queen:

This is another one which didn't make it to the 24 hour mark.  I think I'm going to have to experiment with base and top coats.  I also didn't realise how visible the bruising to my middle finger nail was until I saw this.  I recently saw that Kirsten of the Manicured Monkey has broken her finger, (pun intended) fingers crossed hers heals quicker and with less bruising that mine has, it's almost three months now and the bruising is still coming through.  The nail is feeling loose too, so I'm really keeping it short now to avoid any unnecessary catching of my fingers.


  1. These are all gorgeous, three of my favorite Butter London polishes. Sadly, they don't last very long on me either but I don't mind because I change my polish so often anyways =)

    1. I do change my polish daily, occasionally I do like to go a bit longer though- one thing I should be glad of was that with glitter being such a pain in the arse to remove, at least I was spared that battle!

  2. The Black Knight is so gorgeous! It's definitely going on my wishlist ;-)

    1. it was on my wish list for ages! I'd attempted to franken my own (unsucessfully) just now need to try and extend wear time as sometimes I like to wear for more than a day. Perhaps layering with Camelot will help.


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