Friday, 3 August 2012

Galahad again!

I couldn't resist "playing" with my lovely shiny teal nails!

I decided to try "zipock bag stickers" tutorial I have seen, I found it so easy that I am going to start stalking crafting scissors and hole punches on ebay.  

I used Orly "Halley's Comet" and a-england "Morgan Le Fay" to paint some squares about an inch by an inch on a plastic freezer bag from a pack of Asda freezer bags.  As I didn't have any fancy scissors to try I simply cut triangles which fit my nail tip to base.  I just realised that this is about as far as I followed the tutorial!  Once the polish was dry I cut the shapes, I then flipped them over so the polish side was against my nail and the plastic backing was upwards.  Then I used tweezers to peel the plastic bag off, leaving the triangles on my nails then added a layer of top coat.

Halley's Comet was very subtle
Morgan le Fay "popped"

Not long after I'd done these we were popping out to Asda and I saw they had a matte top coat by Rimmel in there, my China Glaze Matte Magic is a useless lump of gunk right now, so I grabbed it.  When I got home I tried the matte topcoat, but seeing Galahad mattified did nothing for the matte magic lemming, in fact once mattified Galahad reminded me of plasticine. 

Definitely time to start stalking those patterned scissors!  I have set up some glitter squares with a good thick layer of polish on the plastic, more than you could easily build up on nail to do a tape mani, and so simple.


  1. Great post! Makes me want to try it right away!

    1. Thanks - it certainly is a lot easier than I thought. Last time I tried this - about 6months ago - I did not allow enough time for the polish to dry on the plastic bag, but now I have a freezer bag with lots of squares of colours over it ready for when I want to use them!


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