Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Green Gradient

My green obsession continues!

After wearing "Joker green" I decided to go more to an olive colour and wear China Glaze's Capitol Collection green, Agro.  But when I went to fetch it I started looking at Watermelon Rind and found myself torn!  In a moment of indecisiveness I decided to go for a gradient mani and use both colours!

I started off with a layer of Argo over usual base of two coats of nail envy.  The picture below shows the coverage it achieves in just one coat, no clean up on this as things were about to get messy with the sponge.  I almost stopped at this stage and went with just Agro as originally planned, the olive green and coverage were amazing.

I used a small piece cut off a normal (unused) kitchen sponge to sponge with both shades of green and topped off with a layer of W7 diamond top coat.  Here's the just sponged nails, complete with green cuticles.

And here's the next day, after clean up.

(camera struggled to focus on most pics)

My green moments have passed for now, I'm currently wearing neon pink and grey gradient, photos may follow if I ever get the grey off my skin, I used CG Stone Cold and W7 matte pink, and the matte polishes seem to stick like glue.  As my poor skin is very dry at the moment, I've used some acetone to remove worst of sponging paint spillage, but relying on nature to help a little too along with lots of oil and moisturiser.  Bugger the matte finishes, I can add matte top coat if needed, but my skin needs oil right now!


  1. I like it! Gradients frustrate me to no end! I should keep on practicing but it always puts me in a bad mood :oP

  2. Thanks :) I have the pink and grey gradient yet to be posted, that one really looked a good combination of colours. I recently saw a great idea about using eyeshadow applicators to do a gradient. That's a lot less messy so going to get some m


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