Friday, 31 August 2012

nail mail :)

Here's a little Nail Mail received today (well it was attempted to be delivered on Wednesday, but collected today.)

Spot the lonely OPI! 

L-R Barry M British Racing Green, W7 Khaki, OPI unfor-Greta-bly Blue, W7 Mosaic, Strawberry Daiquiri, Multi-Glitter, Purple Paradise, Diamond Top Coat.

We had to visit the Apple store in Leicester recently to get a broken iPod repaired, when we came out we visited I dragged hubby into a few stores and oooohed and aaahed over different polishes.  

First place we went into was House of Fraser.  I was horrified to see W7 in there marked up at £4.99 a bottle. Needless to say I did not buy any in there.  The next place we went into was the John Lewis store, where I laid eyes on the OPI Germany collection and wouldn't you know it, the only one I have been looking at (the Oktober-fest one) would just happen to be the colour they didn't have.  However hubby started looking at Unfor-Greta-bly Blue and saying how unusual it was and how he liked it.  However I saw the retail price, laughed and walked away.

I last purchased OPI (excluding Nail Envy) quite a while ago.  I got a potential fake silver shatter from eBay, I say potential as it was crap.  Prior to that I last bought OPI in 2008 when I got some of the France collection, but as they were so similar to the Russian and the Indian collection I decided I had had enough of OPI and just stopped buying.  Back in those days OPI was approx £6 and there was no massive market of fakes on eBay.   Now we're talking decent sellers on eBay being £12, and the chance of getting a fake is much higher, so I don't tend to buy them.

More recently I have bought a lot of polishes from Nail Polish Direct website.  They have a huge range of China Glaze, Barry M and W7, they also sell OPI for £8.50, so given hubby really liked this shade of blue I picked it up from NPD and used the change I saved from buying in a shop to get a couple of W7s!

The picture about totalled about £20, the diamond top coat on the right was free with an offer for buying five W7's.  I did much better than if I'd picked up one OPI and two W7's in those shops!

I ordered these polishes on a Saturday.  On a normal turn around these would have arrived on the following Tuesday, but as we had the bank holiday they were dispatched on the next working day which was Tuesday and delivery was attempted Wednesday.

I love this website and they are now my go to site when I'm looking for a new polish.  And they accept PayPal which is the biggest "must" I have when shopping online :)


  1. Not bad at all for £20! I've never tried W7, are they any good?

    1. W7 bottles look like OPI so I find it hard to break some of the expectations.

      Formula wise I love them, the brushes can be a bit unreliable: occasionally wonky or stray hairs, the smell awful so they probably aren't three free, but they are cheap and cheerful, lots of colours, textures, constantly up to date. You've probably seen the swatches of late comparing Mosaic and the Nails Inc, I don't buy Nails Inc or OPI very much any more, I used to have loads but eBayed them all over last few years, they kept reproducing same colours over and over.


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