Monday, 13 August 2012

Nubar Reclaim

I recently killed a lemming I had been harbouring for a year, by giving in and buying Nubar Reclaim, a gorgeous green holo.  No sooner then I had completed my order on Amazon a whole host of bloggers posted some gorgeous swatches of this polish.  And when it arrived I was drawn to it.  Here's my (not so gorgeous!) swatches of it.  Some with flash, some without, the holo is ever present even in low light.  The shade of green almost feels pastel, it's not too harsh on my pale skin.  I was staring at this all the time!

I found the application of this polish a dream, I used usual two layers of nail envy, then I applied one coat and found the Nubar to be almost perfect at that, but I went on to add a second layer.  Then I topped this off with Poshe, only to find I had bubbling - grrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!! - on a couple of fingers.  The lumpy texture of the bubbling drove me mad, so I tried my Orly smudge fixer then a layer of a different topcoat.  This got rid of the bumpy feeling on the nail but the bubbling was still visible on those nails (it was about six bubbles per nail) so I didn't wear this for long, only 24 hrs.  Long enough to take lots of pictures!

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