Monday, 6 August 2012

OPI Purple with a Purpose

I have an old bottle of OPI's Purple with a Purpose, in fact it is so old is smells more of glue than anything else, yet it applies perfectly.  I can pick this bottle up and - despite me having had it maybe five perhaps six years - the formula won't let me down.  It isn't thick, the coverage is good.  This was my most favourite shade of purple right up until I recently "found" a-england.  As ever I couldn't leave this alone and ended up adding an accent nail of George at Asda Green Glitter. I cut a triangle which had dried on a plastic bag as I have mentioned in this post and applied to each ring finger.  The pictures below are after a day's wear so there is some tipwear.

In these pictures I have two coats nail envy, two coats OPI Purple with a Purpose, one coat Seche Vite and on ring finger after applying the Green Glitter I added one coat of W7 Diamond top coat.


  1. I love it! The green accent is really pretty!

    1. Thanks, the green glitter will only be used this way - as an accent after being left to dry on a plastic bag - as to get the coverage it needed to be thick, and if I put that on my hands I will be waiting **hours**


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