Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sally Hansen and a Girly Bits - picture heavy!

I got some Sally Hansen HD polishes a while ago and although I'd tried a couple when they came I still had a few to go at.  I went for some skittles over black, to make up the numbers I added Girly Bits Street Magic and a Sally Hansen Prism in Lavender Sky.  This post's a bit picture heavy...

Here's what I used....
On all pictures below I used 1x OPI Original Nail Envy, 1x a-england Camelot (the perfect one coat black!) 1x SH/GB then 1x Seche Vite.

Street Magic:


Prisms Lavender Sky:



All fingers (dunno why thumbs seem to hide!)

I then decided to go for same colours over a-england Excalibur (perfect one coat silver) to see the difference over light base as several look very similar over black.  Disaster struck before I cleaned up so after grabbing these photos I cleaned off and went for something else.

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