Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tape Mani inspired by Nailside and a nail about to drop off?

I love the tape manis created by Jane at the Nailside blog and the tutorials she does.  In July Jane posted this mani:

I loved it and pinned it on my Pinterest board as a reminder so that I would try it.  I was going to try it using a-england Perceval and as I have the same grey glitter China Glaze Tinsel Town I was going to try this out.  Going.  

As ever when I started looking at bottles I found something different and a colour combi sprung into mind....  As I reached for Tinsel Town I spotted a fellow bottle of China Glaze, one I haven't really used until now, only as a base coat before adding other colours: Bogie.

Bogie is a great colour, a smoky aubergine frost, I'm not a fan of frosty finishes as normally frost = brushstrokes, when I used it I found my mind wandering back to one of the first ever OPI shades I ever owned, Fee Fi Fo Plum from the 2004 British collection, however a quick investigation on Google reveals that I was totally wrong on shades, FFFP is much lighter.  

For this mani I used two coats of Nail Envy, two coats of Bogie, one coat of Seche Vite, then after about half an hour I taped off my nails and used Tinsel Town to add a layer of glitter, then topped off with W7 Diamond top coat.

Here is a picture after a day's wear.

Here is a first thing in the morning picture taken earlier today: I've filed my nails back a lot today, squared them off a lot.

I have had to really take my nails back as the middle finger on my left hand is still mending after I broke it in May.  On the picture above all I can see is the dip where the nail is still damaged: over the last month I have noticed that the nail has a hole in it - an actual hole! - and I think I am going to lose the nail, the bruising on my nail can be seen here.  The bruise under my nail has reached the free edge of nail bed and now the nail is feeling a bit loose.  I had noticed dints appearing in my manis for a while before I realised that the nail is lower in that place after I got glitter trapped in it - yuk.

On this spotty manicure I thought there was a problem with the blue dot I have circled, actually it's my nail that's at fault...

So I guess right now it's a case of seeing what happens, but keeping nails short to avoid any unnecessary pressure!

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