Monday, 13 August 2012

"The Joker"

I seem to be into greens at the moment, the particular green I am wearing today reminds me of the Joker from Batman and the shade of green his hair was in the old 60s tv series.

I originally had something else planned for this mani which didn't work out so I cleaned everything off and went for W7 Matt Green (yes I know matte has an e on it but this is how W7 spell it) and an accent nail where I sponged using piCture pOlish Fake Tan (it's very orange) and Barry M Coral. 

I used two coats of nail envy, two layers of Matt Green and topped it off with W7 Diamond top coat as matte polish and the current damage on my middle finger don't play nicely.  For accent nail I used two coats of nail envy, one layer of Barry M Coral, then I took a freezer bag and painted a stripe of each colour then dabbed it with a bit of sponge.  I had cut a bit off an unused dish washing sponge.  I'm really pleased with the gradient I achieved with the way of doing it (normally I just paint on to the sponge and skip the plastic bag.)

The piCture pOlish is the one I won in Llarowe's big giveaway, the Barry M was the freebie on a recent offer in Boots, the W7 green was a 99p bargain purchase and the W7 topcoat was free when I bought a number of W7 polishes from nailpolishdirect.

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