Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bubble Stripes

Ok, so bubble stripes probably isn't the technical term for this style, but it's best description I could think of! 

Yesterday I wore plain old OPI Jade is the New Black with accent nail of Suzi Says Feng Shui.  I did this just before bed the night before and unfortunately got some creases, chips and as the picture below shows some tip wear or shrinkage.  I've also noticed lately that my Seche seems to be doing something verrrrrry odd - mainly on my left thumb it forms an almost blister like bubble and leaves a horrid lump.  I'm wondering if this is due to the position of my hand after I've applied it?  The bubble then collapses into a crease on the thumb nail.  Only ever on that one finger!  Grrrrr!

2x nail envy, 2x polish, 1x seche

I wasn't in the mood for removing this so I simply added a fresh layer of polish which has hidden the creases and tip wear.  I then went for a row of dots using Barry M Gelly Polishes firstly in my current favourite Pomegranate, then layered a row slightly overlapping in "The Purple One" (mine is wrongly labelled) I really should get a Sharpie and write the correct names on the bottles!  Topped this off with Poshe topcoat which I don't often use.

The flash looks the greatest on the pics, really highlighting the shape of the dots but I've also included some without flash as the colour match is better without flash (apart from my lobster hands!)

Left hand:

Right hand:

Really quick and simple and livened up a worn manicure.

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