Friday, 28 September 2012

Green / Grey Gradient

Earlier this month I did a blue black gradient combining a bright and dark colour and as I really liked it I thought I'd do it again.  This time I combined green and slate matte polishes, W7 Matte Green, which I'd describe as Joker from Batman green and Stone Cold by China Glaze from Capitol Collection.  After I'd done my gradient I really missed a shiny finish so topped it with INM Northern Lights Silver Holo and had a shiny finish.

Before removing this I re-mattified it using Rimmel Matte polish:

The middle finger had a bit of an accident.  After I'd just finished my nails I spotted a daddy long legs flapping around in the kitchen and was so busy keeping an eye on where that was I didn't notice the clothes airer and middle finger took a hit...

I wasn't as pleased with this colour combination as it reminded me of Enterprise car rental colours! 

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