Saturday, 15 September 2012

Holo Dotticure

A shortlived dotticure which I ruined by accident.  I used a-england Ascalon with Bridal Veil for the dots, reversed the colours on accent nail and topped this with INM Northern Lights silver holo.  I haven't used this top coat for a while, but I now love it again and think it will get a few more outings.  I've also been eyeing up a replacement bottle on Amazon.

The ruin of this manicure came with the yellow on my right index finger at the tip and the orange  CG Harvest Moon) on the left index nail.  I saw a fab tutorial here on how to dry drag for a "fire" on your nails, but given dry drag has failed miserably for me in the past I decided to try it out on a ziplock bag.  I used the exact technique shown on this tutorial, but on plastic rather than my nails.  I didn't notice the other polish until it was too late, I didn't have any pictures from before either.  But as my new Barry M Gelly polishes arrived this morning it softened the blow of this mani being ruined :)

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