Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I'm having a bad week!

Every mani I have done this week has gone wrong!  I'm posting pics which were never intended to be posted here, the "just done checking out if the colours capture ok" ones, but as mishaps happened to each of them before proper pictures were taken!

On Sunday I was undecided as to what colours to wear.  I was intending on doing a bit of a wear test as I have just gotten CND Stickey, of late my nails just haven't been gripping polish.  We're talking of 15 hours after doing them, they're naked as the polish has peeled off in sheets.  So I went for a red ombre on my right hand and a purple ombre on the left.

Here's what I used on right: 
L-R: OPI You Rock-a-Pulco Red (black label), Ozotic 518, OPI A Ruby for Rudolph, W7 Magnetic Crimson, Nubar Iris Dust, OPI Black Cherry Chutney  (I don't have 6 fingers, I used the W7 under the Nubar)

 And here's what I used on the left:
L-R: OPI Ink, W7 Purple Paradise, OPI Purple with a Purpose, OPI DS Original, OPI Parlez Vous OPI

These are the "just painted" pictures, I went outside in the Sunday sunshine to ooooh at the holo. I had used Stickey x1, OPI Nail Envy x 2 then two coats of the colours (apart from on the DS nail and the Nubar Nail.  I used a coat of Parlez Vous OPI under a single layer of DS and on the Nubar nail I used the W7 magnetic for one coat, then the a layer of the Nubar.  After I took these I added a layer of Seche Vite.

The first mishap came when, several hours later I decided to fetch the washing in and the pegs destroyed several nails.  Not to worry, I patched these up and added some black crackle to hide the marks.

But then Sunday turned into an intensive day on my hands and I had horrendous tip wear and couldn't face going into work with grotty looking nails.  So Sunday evening I set to on round three.  I redid the skittles and made the huge mistake of topping them with a-england Shield top coat.  I always find this top coat bubbles on me horribly.  I love everything from the a-england range apart from The Shield. 

Here is a picture taken on Monday of bubbly nails

My "clever" idea was just to add some flakie topcoat that evening, to hide the bubbles, normally I would just remove it but as I was trying to see how long it gripped to my nails I thought cover up was best way.  Here's the bubbly nails with a coat of Zoya Opal.

And then it all went wrong.  AGAIN!  The top coat I had added (W7 Diamond top coat) didn't "set" and I got wrinkly horrible nails, which then rubbed off.

So I redid them.  This time I used the W7 magnetic and then Nubar Iris Dust, topped with Opal flakies on left hand on right hand I went for W7 Purple Paradise, all finished off with Seche Vite.

And here we are on Wednesday morning and it is still on my nails.  I'm still going strong on this one.  I have a little bit of tip wear, nothing too bad, so hopefully the Stickey has nailed the problem **groan at terrible pun** and now my nails will start gripping polish again.  I suspect this is coming off tonight as I have had an idea forming in my mind of something I want to try.

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