Sunday, 9 September 2012

More PVA pondering and some a-england swatches

Since my success with PVA glue last night whilst water marbling, I got to thinking about the glue as a barrier.  When I do a gradient my fingers end up covered, here's how they look:
Sally Hansen HD Resolution and Wavelength over a-england Excalibur 

For me this is a major catch 22, I have dry eczema prone skin, just having polish on my skin can make it itch (the worst offender was CG Stone Cold used for this mani) but equally acetone on my skin is a bitch and causes even more dryness.

Next time I attempt a gradient I am going to get my nail polish bottle of PVA out and carefully paint from the last knuckle all the way up to nail plate and around the end of my finger, allow it to dry and then I can sponge happily before peeling off the mess with no further aggravation to my skin!  

Further to my comments on the watermarbling post, DEFINITELY DO NOT USE ON BROKEN SKIN!   Whilst I have found the glue harmless on my skin in general, it stung when I painted a broken area on the back of my middle finger (the changing UK weather - once again too hot to think, but last week we had the heating on -  seems to have made my eczema flare up, thankfully it mainly is on the palm side of my hand so I can keep it hidden most of the time) Last night the stinging hand woke me up once or twice in the night and this morning it's itching like a bugger.  My bad.  Next time I'll think before putting glue on it!

I have tried using glue as a base to butterLONDON Black Knight with a topper of Tart With a Heart on Friday evening but I used the wrong top coat and it never firmly set, got smudged and was removed.  Removal was great though: the glue was set so it peeled off easily.  My hatred of glitter may be easing now, in fact it must be as last weekend I had glittery nails before I even had any glue to play with!

Anyway as I've pondered and rambled I'll come onto some swatches of a-england gorgeousness.  I realised that whilst I have used my a-enlands A LOT, I haven't done many plain old pictures of them.

First up is Ascalon with an accent nail of Lady of the Lake:

with flash to snag the holo on picture :)

Next up is Tristam with Order of the Garter accent:

Here's the only picture I seem to have of Princess Tears on index and middle.  Ring finger was Excalibur topped with Morgan le Fay:

Then the last one I have at the moment is Princess Sabra (Tristams Eyes) I didn't notice a little bit of glitter lingering on my little finger from my PVA experiment on Friday evening until it was too late - sorry!


  1. Gorgeous colors! And, you have a watermark! How long have you been adding a watermark to your photos? What program do you use?

    1. I've been water marking for quite a while, pretty much from when I switched from using tumblr to blogger. I tend not to bother on bottle shots though. I use a free software from the google play store PicSay, the idea is to use it to add speech bubble etc, but I use the add a new title, the move and fiddle with the size from there.


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