Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Nail fail.... Or why I shouldn't watermarble!

Emma + water marbling = disaster!

Like the time when I was using a plastic cup and it split (luckily I had newspaper under it!)

Or the time when I decided not to tape and used vaseline, only to end up in the biggest of messes.

Or the time when I figured I'd use a plastic bag to lay on the water then allow it to dry and transfer it over to my nails like I did on my fire nails... oh wait that's this time!   I transferred my polish onto plastic rather than dipping my fingers in, then peeled the polish off once dry. I applied it to a slightly tacky layer of nail envy and topping it off with some W7 diamond top coat.  What I like about this way of marbling is it means I have more control over which part of the design ends up on my nails.  What I didn't like was polish bubbles forming and leaving holes in the polish, although this was fixable.

Here's some of the marbles on their plastic freezer bags.  They're on a glass coaster I use to stop me getting polish all over the breakfast bar, so there's some random splodges on there!

Generally my water marbling skills are zero, although I've figured (only whilst doing this post) that I'm putting too many rings of polish in the water.  Less is more. Stop at six drops Emma!

I used the same Barry M Gelly Polishes along with Suzi Says Feng Shui and Jade is the New Black which I've used for my last couple of posts. The polishes were great to work with and I'm sure anyone capable of this technique will be able to execute a perfect design using them. Any how these are the reasons why I shouldn't try to water marble. 

Next time I think it will be a good idea to try again and that maybe this time I'll be successful I will revisit these pictures and remind myself not to!


  1. The last time I did my watermarble I was doing it 2 hours for 4 nails and got high on nail polish! And it gets really really messy if you put a glass of water in front of me and with nail polish in it it's just disaster. :D
    But to watermarbe this way is actually a great idea! And it came out just fine!

    1. Thanks, they were a horrid and lumpy texture! How did you manage to spend 2 hours? I'd have given up after 15 minutes! I think I'm going to stick to striping tape and dotting tools :-P

    2. I just really wanted to make that mani and it was for the challenge I created. XD And I listened to my iPod so it went by faster (and of course I smudged the polish all over my earphones).
      Haha, but I think you'll master the watermarble one day! :D


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