Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Nail Mail!!!

I got home tonight to Nail Mail! The first package was one I picked up from the sorting office, Barry M Glitters.  In an envelope big enough to get through the door, but held hostage by the Royal Mail since Monday.

The other one was an order from Amazon - I got an Amazon gift voucher and used it to get China Glaze Immortal and OPI Wouldn't Shoe Like to Know? 

Now interestingly enough the Amazon Retailer Faith Cosmetics seemed to take a while to send my order (I placed this on in the morning of 21/9/12 and received it today) yet the labelling, packaging and return info are for a company whom would have sent it to me to be here Monday if I'd ordered it directly from them: NailPolishDirect!  I sing their praises regularly so this surprised me!  The other two OPIs I've used a lot recently Jade is the New Black and and Suzy Says Feng Shui also came from Faith on Amazon and one of those took a week!  I think I'll stick to ordering directly from their website as they offer free postage, it whereas Amazon charge £1.50 and I get quicker delivery!!

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