Saturday, 8 September 2012

PVA watermarble

Last week I posted here my thoughts about using PVA glue.  I was wondering if using it on your fingers would be any use when water-marbling.  So tonight I tried it.  I  had an epic fail on some fronts and a massive win on others.

I don't often water marble as I find taping my fingers a massive pain in the arse.  I have tried using Vaseline as a barrier and ended up with it on the nail and stopping the polish sticking.

As a child I used to paint my hands in this type of glue and peel it off, so I know I never had any sensitivity to the glue, mind you I wouldn't recommend painting it on your skin if you have any cracks or open wounds.  I daubed it onto an area of eczema without thinking, but my word did I think when it started to sting!

I had reservations as to whether or not this would be successful, the glue is a water based one, so surely sticking your fingers in water would lead to it coming off and ending up in a mess?  Well actually, no.  In my experiment I painted both my thumb and and index finger, I tried the thumb straight away and left the index to dry to see if there was any difference.  I had put the glue into a cleaned out nail polish bottle so the brush meant I was able to get right around the edge of the nail and all around the tip of the finger.

For the water marble is used W7 Strawberry Daquiri, Blue Lagoon, Neon Green and Metallic Saturn.

The thumb was easy, although the glue still being fresh wasn't ready to peel, so I just wiped it off.  Any residue peeled off easily once dry and my thumb came up really clean.  The glue on the index finger was dry when I started on it, and at this point I grabbed my phone to take some pictures to post.

Here is just dipped:

And here is after I wiped some of the glue off and peeled the rest, you can see the peely bit sticking out on the right:

So as the glue had worked I decided to do the rest of my left hand.  Here are the fingers all glued up and ready to go:

The water marble was a disaster, this was the fail, but it's been ages since I did one so I'm rusty!

However I liked how the little finger came out, here's the before:

And this was within 2 mins of having dipped:

Any residual glue was easy to wash off once the polish has dried.  So SUCCESS using PVA as a barrier and FAIL with the actual watermarble! Time to start practising my marbling :)

In summary 
  • PVA glue works well as a barrier
  • better fully dried than freshly applied
  • use glue decanted into a bottle to get to the edge of nail
  • remember to cover plenty of finger tip
  • do not use on broken or sore skin
  • majority of clean up can be done instantly
  • any residue can be washed off once nails are dry
  • consider doing a patch test for sensitivity
If you try this leave me a comment and let me know and link back to me :)


  1. Great idea to use that glue for watermarbles! I think your water marble nails look great!1

    1. Thanks Jacqui, I am out of practise with water marbles at moment, I'm definitely going to try more now I have a simpler way of cleaning up (I know tape is fairly easy but I find it a royal pain!)

  2. Ah fantastic! Part of me thought it would work, but then part of me imagined the glue all washing off in the water and making everything gluey lol.

    I suck at watermarbling so I might not try it, but it's good to know it'll work!


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