Monday, 17 September 2012

W7 Mosaic and Multi Glitter

Quick post with some W7 glitters I received a while ago, click here for bottle shots.

First up is Mosaic, the one I'm sure you'll have seen everywhere, the Nails Inc Sprinkles dupe.  This one is 2x Nail Envy 3x Mosaic. 1x Seche.  For speed and opacity on my left hand I used a layer of a-england Galahad topped with just one coat of Mosaic as the base colours are more or less identical, but never took pictures of that.

Indoor Lighting


Indoor, natural lighting

Next is Multi Glitter.  I tried layering this over a couple of colours, but found the under colours blended in with some of the glitters, then I spied the W7 Khaki I had received at same time and used that as it is no match for any of the glitters.  This is 2x Nail Envy, 1x Khaki, 1x Multi Glitter 1x Seche.  Seche caused some horrid shrinkage on ring finger, and these were taken right after my nail damage from broken middle finger had caused break to nail.


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    1. I'm sold on mosaic, not sure about the clown glitter, it's so many colours it reminds me of a clown. I might layer it over My Boyfriend Scales Walls to see how it looks over a neutral base.


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