Thursday, 18 October 2012

back in black on a quest for the holy grail?

This one is a bit of a ramble really as I'm STILL BLOODY ILL!!

I have mentioned once or twice how much I love a-england polishes, I'm so surprised when I look at my blogger stats and see the most searched for words bringing people to my blog aren't a-england but actually Barry M or related to Barry M - gelly polishes seem to have raised a lot of interest.

As yet I don't have any of the Gothic Beauties collection, the simple reason is that (despite being into heavy metal and punk since my early teens) I don't like black polish.  Black polish looks nasty when it chips or has tip wear, often takes too many coats to be opaque and highlights any flaws, but the main dislike I have for black polish or deep vampy burgundy creams comes from the dulling of the shiny finish if I touch my face during the day as they end up with my very white foundation all over them.

My black polishes at present are OPI Black Onyx and a-england's Bridal Veil and Camelot, Camelot is the one which makes me sway to go back in black.

A couple of weeks ago I wore Camelot alone, and the glossy amazing long wearing finish almost had me ordering those gothic delights, but for now I have been restrained.  With Camelot I had none of the issues I associate with black polishes of my teenage years.  

I was delighted with the recent news that Adina has got two more colours coming out, a new version of Holy Grail and a new shade Beauty Never Fails.  The first information I read on this (including swatches) were here at Ommorphia Beauty Bar and despite being on a bit of a no buy I found myself emailing the lovely Adina to request the newer shade.  As yet I'm restraining myself with the new Holy Grail as it looks similar to a couple of colours I already have.  I'll await a few further swatches before I leap on it.

However in the mean time I'm going on something of a quest of my own for the Holy Grail, I only realised it's a shade I bought but haven't really worn when I was reading the post I linked to above.  As I start to get a little less cold/flu/virus-y I'm going to try and incorporate Holy Grail into my day to day life a little more and at the same time I am going to try some of the nail arts I normally find a nail fail on myself or that I've not attempted as I was worried they were too much work!  So this includes stamping on top of other finishes, saran wrap and water-marbling.

Anyone else tempted by the new shades?

Yes the back in black is a reference to AC/DC which I have deliberately used!  And no, this is not a post in anyway sponsored by a-england, just a rambling because I think Adina is fab :)


  1. I loved this post! Loved the AC/DC reference. And, thanks for the link to the swatches of the new colors.

    1. I love AC/DC, what do you think of the new colours?

    2. I think the new colors are pretty, but I don't need them in my collection. Well, I don't *need* any polishes, but you know what I mean. I have enough dark, vampy colors in my collection right now, some of them even untried.


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