Thursday, 4 October 2012

Barry M Pink Sapphire Glitter

I originally had intended just to wear the black underneath which is a-england's Camelot and is bloody gorgeous shiny and wonderful.... However.... I used Poshe top coat and it bubbled awfully so I topped it with Barry M Pink Sapphire to hide the bubbles.  

This glitter was a pig to photograph.  Large pink hex's, large silver holo hex's, small pink hex's and silver holo bar glitter.  Looks great in real life, quite hard to capture.


  1. Love that last photo with the dazzling holo glitter!

    1. I'm still a bit undecided on these glitters, apart from this time each time I've used them my nails have "fallen" off, literally sliding straight off about an hour after I've used them.


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