Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Barry M Red Glitter and Blood Orange.

I had a brief respite from feeling grotty on Sunday, during which time I was able to cobble together the following... so I have set up this timed post as I'm still ill.

I fancied a splash of colour and ended up with Barry M Gelly in Blood Orange (aka Bloody Orange, the one that streaks and ruins manis and top coat) and Red Glitter in my hand, along with a-england Camelot.

Now this was another one of those ideas which started out as one thing but reality set in and it ended up being another....

I was going to try freehanding some diagonal Red Glitter corners over a base of Blood Orange and add a black stripe on the border using the nail art brushes hubby picked up for me as a surprise.  

Then life and being ill affected me, I didn't realise I had a horrible tremble at the moment but I do, just painting the Blood Orange left me covered in red polish!  So I decided on a mish mash, keeping thumbs plain red cream, black dots on index finger, a stripe down centre of middle finger, all Red Glitter on ring and Red Glitter dots on little finger.  

Here's a rough picture of what I got, there's some chipping at base on a couple of nails as I picked polish off cuticles (tremble + brush + acetone= recipe for disaster.) and still some polish on skin in places.

As I mentioned above, I'm still ill at present.  I have been to a walk in centre directly from work and been advised that it is viral infection, that I should be resting and that it's a particularly nasty virus doing rounds.  So plenty of paracetamol and water for me then!


  1. This is beautiful!!! Sorry that you're not feeling well, hope you make a speedy recovery!

    1. Thanks, sadly a week on and I'm still not well! Acetone is my biggest foe at present!


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