Thursday, 18 October 2012

Gelly and Flakie combination

Today is the last of the posts I've scheduled, which is a shame as things still aren't getting better on the virus front.

I wore Barry M Gelly Polish in Watermelon for the first time for a day then decided to liven it up a little with a flakie topcoat.  I used Zoya Chloe as my flakie (although I almost went for Essie Shine of the Times.) 

This has been a swine to get colour accurate pictures of, especially as the nights are getting darker much earlier.  Watermelon is a deep green blue teal shade.  Chloe is a typical green / orange flakie.  On the pictures without flash it looks very much black.  With flash too much blue comes through.

Here's something I'm seeing all too much of in my hand right now
cough mixture + flash!
And here's something which has really made me smile today put on Facebook (not by anyone who has encountered me at present, but most appropriate...)


  1. The photo made me chuckle. I love flakies!

    Jazz x

    1. The e-card one is still making me laugh, alas laughing is something I shouldn't do as the more I laugh, the more I cough!!!


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