Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Nail Mail....

 Just a quick post....

Well I was on a no buy this month.... and then two things ruined it! Adina released a new a-england colour and there was a Nails Inc TSV on QVC which I couldn't resist.  I tried.  I even ended up waiting until it was out of stock and on advanced orders.   But I caved and ordered  it at the advance order point and despite it's predicted arrival (and being charged) in November, it has arrived today.  If I'd not paid until next month I could have met my no buy with just one slip up.  Oh well.

Today they all arrived at once :)

Firstly the new a-england colour Beauty Never Fails, this is gorgeous in the bottle and is going to be the first of this little lot that I try.  It reminds me of some of the green Halloween polishes of collections gone by that I covet and can't find, a bit darker than It's Alive.  Here's a crap bottle photo, I took about 10 but couldn't capture the hidden amazing colours.

And next up is the QVC TSV, this one had been thrown over the fence into our back garden and left in the rain all day, but luckily the contents were undamaged.  As long as a bottle didn't break I wasn't massively bothered if the packaging was knackered as it wasn't being given as a gift.

The blue in this isn't Baker St, I got all excited thinking I'd got it in here.  It's the green sprinkle polish is Bakers Way and misreading the listing....  But it's still a pretty cool collection.  Which of these to try first.....

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