Friday, 19 October 2012

Quest for Holy Grail pt1 Squiggles in the Sand

Part one of my Quest for the Holy Grail involves a gradient AND stamping normally I would only go so far as to do one or the other.

First up here's a just splodged on picture of a-england's Holy Grail alone.  This is 2xNail Envy, 2xHoly Grail and 1x Seche Vite.  No clean up as about to get messy with sponging.

 I love the way the blue sky reflected in the glass of the table I was stood over.

For the gradient I chose use a-england's Order of the Garter, this bright mid blue clashes wonderfully with the golden yellowness of Holy Grail.  

Once I'd done the gradient I was really happy with it, as the blue had remained lovely and blue and hadn't turned green like I had feared it may.  Then it was time to eat the lovely meal hubby had just cooked so I never actually got pictures of the gradient before I damaged it getting something out of the oven and I creased it with the oven gloves.   The crease smoothed out with Orly Smudge fixer, but I wasn't liking it as I could still see some wrinkles so I didn't take any pictures at this stage.  Then I stamped over the top of it, using black Konad Stamping Polish and CH16.

The next pictures are not nice.  I did some rough clean up with a cotton bud and acetone, but the cough I have meant it was unbearable - plus the Konad polish is a bitch to remove, it just smears and stains.  So please focus on the nail, not the mess.

When I mentioned the Holy Grail quest I made a reference to AC/DC, now I'm going to ruin my metal loving reputation by referring to Belinda Carlisle: since doing this I have had Circle in the Sand in my head!!!!   The blue and yellow reminded me of a beach.

I did manage to get a couple of  pictures the next day, the polish on my skin and staining had come off in the shower  but for some reason I my fingers look oddly red!

I really liked doing a double piece of nail art, I'm not normally able to do this because of time constraints but this time with someone else cooking tea and finishing early I had time to do first part quite early in the evening.


  1. Replies
    1. I couldn't stop staring at my hands when I was wearing it! I love the squiggly stamp as there is no issues over placing it correct.

  2. Replies
    1. It's amazing that I would normally only do one or the other, stamp or sponge, but combine them and it's fab!

  3. Love it! The color combo is very pretty, but the squiggles are a fabulous touch!

    1. it certainly is one of my more favourite stamping patterns - I like the ones where placement doesn't have to be perfect!

  4. Loving what you did here, and as a fellow rocker tut tut but because the mani is awesome you are forgiven lol :D

    1. I don't know how I went from Back in Black to Circles in the Sand.... thanks


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