Saturday, 27 October 2012

QVC Nails Inc TSV swatches

This is a post I've scheduled as I'm away on holiday through half term :) 

This is the first time I've sat and done a "swatchathon" and this is quite a picture heavy post.

All are two coats, no top coat, I used a base of rimmel matte magic as it was first thing on hand I could use as a barrier!

First is Southwark a royal blue cream verging on neon

Basil Street, a nude beige

Holly Hill a strawberry red cream

Mirror Metallic Berwick Street Market

Party Glitter Rainbow St

Sprinkle finish Bakers Row

A black holo disco lane.

The surprises for me were Disco Lane (the last one I snapped and I managed to smudge it, see very last picture!)  I expected to love this, it was one of the big reasons I wanted this set.  It just isn't My Private Jet Original. The holo is more a glitter and quite large, not a fine holo through the polish. Also this dries very matte, it would probably be better with a good top coat.

I didn't expect to like Holly Hill or Basil Street, I love the red Holly Hill and could use the beige although it won't be my most favoured of colours.

Berwick St Market looks great and I was a bit uncertain if it might be too pink for my liking before, but I really like it.

Bakers Row is a nice sprinkle, although as sprinkles go I prefer Mosaic by W7. 

Rainbow Street I would like to compare to Barry M Glitters to see if it is same combination of glitters, but it reminded me of something I already have.

Southwark is the biggest winner of the collection for me, gorgeous glossy finish in two easy coats.  Bright and vivid.  Stunning.

This whole set including postage was under £30, so less than the retail price of just three so it was pretty good value.  In fact it's the first thing I've ordered from QVC for over three years, so it must have been good to lure me back!!


  1. This is a beautiful set, did you sign up for auto delivery?

    1. I didn't as I think it was mainly soft pastel colours - I could be wrong - but as it will be spring that wouldn't surprise me, and they aren't really my thing.

  2. I actually saw this being reviewed and thought it look amazing! The colours are lush!

    Jazz x

    1. I was so tempted from the sneaky preview blog posts that were released, the looked at it in the morning on their website. And again later in the day. But by the time I decided to order it was all sold out :( still I was really impressed at how quick it came back in stock.


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