Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Quest for the Holy Grail - part 5 double colour tape mani

Ok so the title of this post may not sound like a Holy Grail challenge, not given that I have previously done tape manicures with different coloured stripes in this post and this post.  But for this post what makes it more of a holy grail is that I wanted to try out some double colour blocking tutorials I have seen, these are ones I would normally avoid because of the waiting time for the base and first colour blocks to dry.  This time I layered my Seche, I have a new bottle which seems to be better when used over itself, I normally find a double coat of Seche = major peeling.

This one is slightly different to my other Holy Grail posts as the namesake a-england polish isn't included in this post.  As soon as I saw these tutorials I could see them with a white base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, a-england ultimate black Camelot and my most favourite shade ever a-england's Galahad.

For the left hand I used this tutorial from enjoychasingshadows blog.  The wording is in French, but the pictures are self explanatory.  I like this design less of the two, as soon as I saw it it seemed a little bit 80s.

For my right hand I used this tutorial from agirlandherpolish blog.  From the two looks this is the one I prefer, but it is also the one I made more of a pigs ear of, the lines aren't as crisp as I wanted them to be.

What do you think of nail art that involves three coats of top coat and three lots of waiting?

Back to normal Holy Grail tomorrow, with quite possibly my most ultimate foe..... a water marble!


  1. Replies
    1. not as sharp as i wanted but thanks :)

  2. Replies
    1. The design on my right hand from a girl and her polish's tutorial was verrrrrry much so! I loved the combination of these colours

  3. Love this , colour combo is great!

    1. I do like this colour combi, it's definitely coming out again!

  4. I love the color combos, mani looks super cute!


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