Friday, 30 November 2012

W7 Mosiac / Saran Wrap

After wearing a matte / sponged texture on my nails for a day I was inspired to try this saran wrap mani with a glitter accent and imagined it with a matte texture.

I used a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls on all my nails (even the accent nail to ensure the base was same for both of the bluey shades.)  I topped the base with Seche and gave it about 15mins before using saran wrap technique using a-england Galahad.  I finished this with Rimmel matte topcoat.  My accent nail is W7 Mosaic, I used two coats of this and topped it with the same matte topcoat.

Rimmel matte topcoat leaves my nails with a velvety texture, but for me this combination was missing something so I topped it with a-england the shield top coat.  Sometimes this top coat bubbles horribly on me, so I rarely use it.  On this occasion it worked perfectly!

I want to try this with white and sky blue for a cloudy look, this colour combi reminded me of swimming baths!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Polish Lemming Facets of Fuchsia

One of my polish lemmings for some time now has been Facets of Fuchsia by Revlon.  Imagine my glee when I saw that Anna of Anna's Polish Addiction had posted a blog sale and this beauty is on there new and unused (a full bottle!!)

Anna kindly bought this in a day earlier than expected and I have gleefully painted my nails tonight with this :)  

My cuticles are a bit rough at moment, it's the sudden bitter cold snap, my hands are't appreciating it!

Out of curiousity I mattified it too, but have to say I prefer the shiny finish.

This is my first ever Revlon polish, so I've got to get used to their brush and formula now!

Dotticure fail!

Today's post is something I'm classing a fail although it isn't massively messy, the overall finish just doesn't do it for me.  I think it's the colour choices.  I posted a simple dotticure here which was fascinating me all the time I wore it, the bright colours were fab and I really liked it.  I decided to do something similar over a dark base, but it left me feeling meh!

My base was a-england Camelot, I then added dots in Barry M Gelly Pomegranate, Enchanted Polish Marge's Blue Beehive and a-england Excalibur.  I filled in any small gaps between dots with Morgan Le Fay.  One thing I did differently on this mani to previously was that I didn't change for a smaller dotting tool before applying the third colour dots.

I think this pattern of dots would look cool over the Christmas period in red, green and gold.  A mini wreath on the nails!  I'll have to see if I can face trying that out some time!  My colours would be a neutral background, perhaps My Boyfriend Scales Walls, then all the others would be a-england: Perceval for the red, St George for the green and Holy Grail (original) for gold.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dotti skittles

I wanted to do something "skittle" like in the style of Sammy from the Nailasaurus, I love the manis she does where each nail has a different design using the same colours / glequins.  As I don't have glequins I used dots.  

My two colours of choice were a-england Lady of the Lake, the purple with a soft holo from The Mythicals collection and Barry M Pomegranate, the vibrant pink cream from the Gelly polish collection.  I chose these due to their one coat nature and their vibrant clash in both colour and finish.

I used dots on my fingers and striping tape to create a pattern on my thumbs.

My base was two coats of nail envy then one matte magic.  My top coat is Seche.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Green Bottle Spam

Some green bottle spam for Anna of Anna's Polish Addiction.

I do have one or two greens... I tried to wean out a lot of the teals for this. 

The second W7 from the left is matte green, this is the "Anna" shade I would guess!

The rest of my polishes are here on tumblr and any new purchases since have been posted  under nail mail label - I very rarely shop in store, it'd be fatal!

The odd story about Anna and I is that I came across her blog when looking for Nails Inc swatches of the QVC TSV collection whilst waiting for mine to be delivered.  I started to follow her blog and when I went to comment on a later post realised we work together!  Out of the 57 followers I had at that time one of them was someone I knew!  I hadn't really mentioned my blog to anyone at this point so for someone so local to be following left me gobsmacked!

I once remember hearing Anna mention OPI black shatter, back in the days when OPI were only ones releasing shatters and it was all very new and not very "mainstream" and wondering if she was into nail polishes, but now I know she is!!

Grafitti Nails

A while ago my hubby ordered me some nail art brushes from eBay, knowing if he didn't order them I'd not get around to it.

My set of 16 brushes has two of the fan brushes in it, I never thought I would use them so I got on you tube and did some hunting about for tutorials.  I found a great tutorial from a channel named "simple nail art" which showed a use for this brush.

This is my take on their mani.  I used my nail envy / matte base, then added a single coat of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  I then dragged my two of my nails using the brush and Barry M Gelly in Blueberry and Pomegranate along with W7 Neon Green and Matt Green.  This was topped with Seche.

I did this at the weekend and had to go out very soon after, so I left it with just the two nails done as an accent.  I have never worn the OPI white / grey shade alone mainly as white makes me think of tippexing my nails at school,  but this one I love.  The colours with the hint of white remind me of graffiti or paint splatters over a white canvas.

When I got  home I filled in my thumb some more and added an extra colour into the mix, a-england Avalon.

I didn't realise how bad the cut on my left thumb was til I saw this picture :(

I actually prefer the earlier pictures with this as an accent and the white nails.  I may stamp over them later!

Here's the polishes L-R Ascalon, Pomegranate, Blueberry, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Neon Green, Matt Green

And here is a still of the video which inspired me!  

Monday, 26 November 2012

PVA Glue as a Base

Something I haven't really mentioned on my blog is that I have OCD tendencies.  Not in the "are all the beans lined up perfectly in the cupboards" sense but more so in the washing hands, not wanting to touch things, germophobic sense.  I used to be far worse than I am at present, but I admit I'm still quite bad.   It was worse when I was ill in October as I was washing my hands to avoid passing my germs on as well as not wanting to catch anything else!  Chip and PIN machines and pens in chemists to fill out prescriptions are my worst foes!

I have seen wear tests using PVA bases and wondered how long it would last on me, given the fact my hands probably go under the tap and are washed in warm soapy water on average two or three times an hour.  More if I'm cooking.  Because the wear tests I have seen have proven fairly negative I have skipped using the glue as a base.

After posting my glitter rainbow two of the polishes caught my eye, so I figured I'd give peel off PVA base a go. I normally tend to use PVA glue as a skin barrier on gradients rather than as a base.

I was quite careful when applying the PVA base to ensure it wasn't too near the edge of my nails, in order to give it a fighting chance.  If there had been any glue on my skin I would start picking and before you know it I'd have killed the mani within hours of applying it.

Here's a guide to what my base will have to contend with: hand washing (obviously!) showering, cooking, however I never ever wash dishes (my eczema goes mad if I go near dishes, yet my skin copes with antibac soap quite well!) and cleaning.  My work is office based so I am at my desk for approx 7hrs and typing a lot.  I find I get more tip wear from typing than anything else.  I use antibacterial hand gel a lot during the day, but equally so hand cream and cuticle oil.

Anyway enough writing onto pictures!

I used China Glaze Tinsel Town with an accent of a-england Merlin.  My base was a thin layer of PVA.  Tinsel Town went on in two coats and Merlin went on in three. This was topped with two layers of Seche for a smooth finish.

Just applied PVA

PVA has disappeared, so now it's dry.

After 24hrs I had some tip wear and some slight chips which were my own doing as I had picked at a loose edge whilst talking on the phone.  I then tried to chip it off but it was seriously welded!  I peeled most off but not in the single sheets seen on other blogs.  Maybe those two coats of seche were to blame?  Perhaps it was the thin PVA layer which meant that it didn't peel so easily? Overall I'm quite impressed at how much hammer it took, 24 hours is enough for me to say I'll use it again.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Shades of Autumn Ombre

Best post this quick before the last of the leaves drop and snow falls!

L-R OPI I Only Drink Champagne and Golden Rules, Barry M Copper, China Glaze Harvest Moon and Goin My Way.

I found I Only Drink Champagne when hunting for Purple Paradise which I have lost within the house somewhere.....

Best of British 25/11/12

British Nail Bloggers

The last Sunday in November already???? Belated happy thanksgiving to any American readers, the speed this month went I will soon be bidding you merry Christmas!!!!

Emma practices polka dots in this China Glaze dotticure at Emma's Little Corner.

Nada got her hands on Miss Sporty's new nail polishes Metal Flip Duochromes! Check out the swatches!

Lyndsay from Pie's Eyes has been playing with fire this week Max Factor's Fantasy Fire. It's fast becoming a Top 10 polish!

Jazz at Glitter Infatuation has been continuing the Lazy 15 Challage Even if that means interpreting it in her own funny way.. Glitter is appropriate no what what the occasion!

Wendy over at Wendy's Delights has a Yellow Mani with Glitter for the 31 day Challenge!

Claire at nuthin' but a nail thing has been fishscale manicuring it up - there is a tutorial too!

Rachel at Phoenix Nails has been getting all childish with a Disney mani for day 9 of the Lazy 15 challenge

Vic's been experimenting with layering and has come up with a Swishy Junk Yard.

Sally of NailPron has found some new Speciallita polishes, and they look amazing.

Anna from Anna's Polish Addiction has tried Nails Inc Southwark from the most recent QVC Today's Special Value, posted a rainbow mani and more pics of her stash.

Sam at Polished Art created this pretty half moon manicure using dried flowers!

Kerry at JustTalkNails has a swatch of Essie Smooth Sailing this week.

This week there was some Quilted Nail Art going on over at Enigmatic Rambles.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

a-england Gothic Times

I already have bought a number (most!) of the a-england range, the present the offer until 30/11/12 for "Gothic Times" has a  couple of polishes I've mentioned and used on my blog, but in the main I have only posted the following as parts of a manicure eg dots or bases.  I haven't posted the following as plain swatches, to show their individual glory.

First up is Perceval, the glowing red, lit from within which very much reminds me of Nails Inc Aspen.  Perceval is one of the very few reds in my collection, so it is a special shade of red!  This is one coat.

Avalon is an amazing shade of purple.  It is beyond a Cadbury purple.  In some lights it has blue undertones in others the red is more apparent, but whatever the lighting it is a stunning and unique shade within my (massive) selection of purples!  This is two coats. 

Camelot is my go to black polish, I am considering buying a back up bottle.  It goes on opaque in one coat and also is a great stamping polish.  This is one coat (and may I add there was no clean up on any of these pictures, the brush really helps in a smooth application)

Morgan Le Fay is a shimmery white which - when applied over dark creams - will provide a frosty finish and has little glimmers of blue and pink.  On the following picture I layered it over the three shades shown above and used two coats alone on my little finger.

Also included in the "Gothic Times" offer are Elaine which I have previously shown here and Bridal Veil which can be found here.

This IS NOT a sponsored post, I've just had a kick up the bum to swatch these colours as they are on another fab offer at the moment.

V-Gap with Sally Hansen HD polishes

Bit of a fail really: the contrasting Sally Hansen's didn't really "pop" the way I wanted them to.

Below L-R: (out of shot is SH Resolution) which I paired with OPI Jade is the New Black, SH Spectrum which I paired with OPI Suzy Says Feng Shui, SH Laser which I paired with Barry M Gelly BluePlum, SH Byte which I paired with Barry M Gelly Grapefruit and SH DVD which I paired with Nails Inc Southwark. 

Friday, 23 November 2012

a-england Beauty Never Fails

My previous post about this polish just didn't do it justice!  Some more pics of this gorgeous shade!

a-england Merlin over King Arthur.

For those who aren't already in the know, the fab creator of a-england Adina has a short time offer in place at the moment for "Gothic Times" which combines some of the newer Gothic Beauties and some of the older collections in a selection of nine polishes at £6 and some duos available at £10.  You can see the offer here at the a-england website (delivery is still free worldwide)

I have previously purchased most of the a-england range and am considering using this offer to buy a back up of Camelot.

Here's Merlin, a silver glitter, layered over King Arthur which is a slate grey (I posted King Arthur alone yesterday in my Nubar post when I used it underneath.)

King Arthur is part of the £6 offer.