Monday, 5 November 2012

a-england Beauty Never Fails

I can't believe it took me so long to wear this polish! It arrived before I had my week away and I was just too ill to be bothered to do my nails - I had to go and register with a GP in Cornwall as a temporary patient and after a month of being ill I finally got antibiotics and am starting to feel better :D

This polish is a blackened green/gold/olive polish with a microglitter base.  If you took CG Agro, mixed some black and beefed up the glitter you'd be on your way to this type of colour.  It is also slightly smaller than previous a-england polishes, the label says it's 11ml, previously my bottles were 13ml.  The bottle size hasn't changed and it still fits in amongst my other a-england polishes perfectly, there's just a little more glass and a little less polish.

It is best viewed in daylight, natural light without flash as it makes the black take over.

with flash
All pictures are two coats over nail envy topped with Seche.

I really like this colour.


  1. Beautiful! I find I REALLY gravitating towards colours like this more and more.

  2. So so pretty! I love the glitteryness

    Jazz x

  3. Colors like these remind me too much of my time in the Army, but I think they look beautiful on other people. It looks pretty on you.


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