Saturday, 24 November 2012

a-england Gothic Times

I already have bought a number (most!) of the a-england range, the present the offer until 30/11/12 for "Gothic Times" has a  couple of polishes I've mentioned and used on my blog, but in the main I have only posted the following as parts of a manicure eg dots or bases.  I haven't posted the following as plain swatches, to show their individual glory.

First up is Perceval, the glowing red, lit from within which very much reminds me of Nails Inc Aspen.  Perceval is one of the very few reds in my collection, so it is a special shade of red!  This is one coat.

Avalon is an amazing shade of purple.  It is beyond a Cadbury purple.  In some lights it has blue undertones in others the red is more apparent, but whatever the lighting it is a stunning and unique shade within my (massive) selection of purples!  This is two coats. 

Camelot is my go to black polish, I am considering buying a back up bottle.  It goes on opaque in one coat and also is a great stamping polish.  This is one coat (and may I add there was no clean up on any of these pictures, the brush really helps in a smooth application)

Morgan Le Fay is a shimmery white which - when applied over dark creams - will provide a frosty finish and has little glimmers of blue and pink.  On the following picture I layered it over the three shades shown above and used two coats alone on my little finger.

Also included in the "Gothic Times" offer are Elaine which I have previously shown here and Bridal Veil which can be found here.

This IS NOT a sponsored post, I've just had a kick up the bum to swatch these colours as they are on another fab offer at the moment.


  1. Oh my god! I absolutely love Morgan Le Fay I keen using it on top of colours.

    Perceval is such a brilliant red too.

    I've not got the black, I may pick it up soon.... hehe :-)

  2. I'm super impressed with no cleanup on the black! Where do you buy the A-England polish from please?

    1. I buy them direct from as Adina ships worldwide free of charge. Otherwise I know Llarowe stocks them but I'd be mad to pay more with postage and have to wait for them coming from US when I can get them from website based in London!


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