Friday, 23 November 2012

a-england Soft Holo Ombre

Another one of my in draft posts here, trying to get through my older stuff so I can start posting with new photo set up :)

I use ombre loosely as they aren't all quite within same family of colour, but not colourful enough to refer to them as skittles.

Here's some closer pics of each colour.

Princess Sabra (Tristam eyes)

Princes Tears


The Lady of the Lake

Bridal Veil

My intention was to then do a corner tape mani using Morgan Le Fay as an accent colour, but on the first three colours this was more or less invisible, so I changed my plan and added it as a whole nail colour and topped with matte magic.  I love the way Morgan Le Fay changes colours - but actually prefer to use this with cream finishes rather than hiding my holos!

These were taken when I had just had a bad break to my right ring finger (sitting in the car doing nothing on way back from Cornwall and it broke!)  Ironically 3 weeks later it's now caught the rest of my nails up and one I've had to trim back a little to make sure they're all similar in length.

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