Friday, 2 November 2012

A rare no polish post.

In fact forget rare post, it's rare full stop!

I very rarely had unpolished nails over the last two years, maybe more.  I've been a nail polish addict for over 10 years,  but I would have bare nails days.  I'm on holiday so I've set up the scheduled post to show my holiday nails.  After weeks of consideration I have decided to go for a week of only nail envy.  

My original plan was to recreate this mani from my Richard of York post.
I was thinking of this because the white base OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls is quite long lasting and being white the tip wear doesn't scream out.  Plus being 10 different colours on there I wouldn't get bored.

I'm writing this on Thursday evening, I have got to pack on Friday evening and go away early on Saturday so I have very little time.  Plus the virus I have been moaning about over the last couple of weeks is still dragging on and my throat and ears are so sore that I really can't be bothered to do anything much other than think of crawling into bed.  

So as I sat to do my nails tonight for the last time before my holiday I had a radical idea.... Not to bother.  Almost.  I can't go without Nail Envy.  So Nail Envy'd nails it will be, nothing more.

My nails are naturally a "bony" colour, they were never pristinely pink and white, even when I wasn't using anything on my nails.

So here they are....

left hand:

right hand:

The last time I showed my bare nails was in this post in July on my tumblr page before I even started using blogger (I've pretty much abandoned tumblr since I started using blogger!) when I'd just broken my left middle finger, I crushed the tip and it was hideously black for about a week and sore for months.  I'm surprised looking back at how much bruising I actually had, and that I didn't lose the nail.  The bruising and damage all grew out by the start of September.

About the time that I broke my finger I repurchased OPI Nail Envy for the first time for several years, I'm now on my third bottle since then.   I had forgotten how well it works for me.  It is the base I use under 99% of my manis.  

The week I'm away this is going to be one of the few nail items I take (along with a file just in case and avoplex) and I'm going to go back to basics, the apply two coats to begin with, as I have on picture, then a layer every other day.


All day today (Friday) I've been sat rubbing the edge of my index nail, it felt rough and I just knew there was going to be a break.  Sure enough a hairline tear had formed right along the free edge.  Out came the clippers, back to nubs.  Again!!  Here they are now, looking horribly yellow....  I do have a UV based polish to hide yellow, but just haven't used it.


  1. Aww your poor nails! That bruise looks awful at least its gone now! :)

    Jazz x

    1. They just got worse over the last week too! Bad break to right ring finger after a week of neglect!

  2. Ouchy, your poor finger! I'm glad you didn't lose your nail and it's healed now. I seem to have the worst luck with breaking fingers and toes, for some reason. Hubby says it's because I'm the clumsiest person in the whole world. lol Have you tried any of those nail whiteners to see if that would help the yellowing?

    1. It was hit and miss for a while Angela, there was a bloody hole in the middle of the my nail for the time it was growing through. I was going to ask my step daughter to put a layer of acrylic or gel over it to try level off and strengthen it (she's a qualified nail tech) but in the end I never got around to it and it grew through without further trouble, I was worried about getting an infection in nail bed. I had a problem with my right ring finger 18 months ago, after bending the nail back accidentally time and time again it lifted and I got an infection which took about 9months to shift.

      I don't tend to bother about whiteners as my nails aren't as badly stained as that last picture makes them look, I did add a layer of UV based whitening polish, but that did peel off over the week and made the nails just look hideous, some bits were overly fresh and others had their normal bony hue.

      I can't believe you've broken fingers and toes! I have only ever had one confirmed break which was my middle finger. The doctor thinks I may have badly bruised or perhaps fractured a toe once, but I've never had any other breaks (touch wood!) so getting the x-ray was a real surprise to me, I imagined a bright flash of light, and that I might see my skeleton for a second... Guess I watched too many cartoons as a kid!


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