Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Barry M Amethyst Glitter Vs Nails Inc Rainbow Street

I've found a dupe in my stash!  I try to avoid buying dupes as I think it really is just a waste of money, however I have found a couple along the way and they usually occur if I buy a set. 

A while ago I got the new Barry M Glitters, one I was yet to try was Amethyst Glitter.  When I came to it it looked familiar, reminding me of the swatches I did of the Nails Inc QVC TSV so I decided to do a glitter comparison post.

Initially I thought the W7 Multiglitter may have been another contender for this, but just lining them up it was obviously not a dupe, the glitter is too big and the colour too red based:

So this just leaves the Barry M and Nails Inc:

My bottle of Barry M arrived with glitter down the side, mine hadn't leaked, so I assume that one had been smashed somewhere nearby in their warehouse.

I swatched both over black and white bases, the black being a-england Camelot, the white OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

With flash:

Without flash:

And here's one for the clean up or die people to grieve over:

Of the two polishes I have to say I prefer the Nails Inc, the accidental dupe purchase.  The glitter spreads over the nail more easily.  That said a small amount of thinner may help the Barry M apply more evenly.  Colour-wise, shape-wise and combination of glitter-wise the two polishes are definitely dupes. 


  1. Ooooo I like these and will deffo go for the cheaper option!

  2. Very pretty and very shiney! I likey! :0)

  3. Ohhh they look so alike! Deffo Dupes!

    Jazz x

  4. Good old Barry M making cheaper copies for us :D


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