Friday, 16 November 2012

Barry M Ruby Glitter over W7 Neon Green

I have only worn Ruby Glitter once, but like an idiot I layered it over black..... Thus hiding all the black glitter and losing half of the beauty of this glitter.  I didn't bother to blog about it after wearing it that way as I knew there was more to this polish than I would be able to share.

This time I have layered it over Neon Green by W7.  For these pictures this is 1x matte magic, 2x Neon Green and 1x Ruby Glitter.  No top coat.

And as I haven't shown the "neon" green alone before here it is.
This was two coats over matte magic, no top coat.  It was still quite streaky at this point but I didn't add a third as I was about to glitter over it.


  1. The green is really nice on its own but with the Barry M on top, loves awesome! :-)

  2. I love W7 so so much! LOL! I'm such a cheerleader for them and the barry M on top looks lushhhh

    Jazz x


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