Thursday, 22 November 2012

Beauty UK Electric Blue

This is the polish I eventually chose to wear on my wedding day.  Our first anniversary is early in December, I have posted other "potential" wedding polishes, this was my final choice.  A cheap £1.99 polish from a local shop which is basically a glorified market stall.  In fact I think the bottle may be a second as the name is "Eletric Blue" 

After rejecting Nubar Indigo Illusion as too softer colour for my rock theme (we had a couple of AC/DC, Metallica and Kiss songs played during the ceremony, Highway to Hell was my bridal "march") I got Glitter Gal Lizard Belly but rejected that as too dark for my black theme, along came this one and it was perfect.

 And here is one from the day itself

Right before I giggled through my vows and belly laughed when hubby realised his glove was stuck and he couldn't get it off

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