Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Black Holo comparisons (pic heavy post)

Another comparison post, this time something I will admit to having dupes of in my quest to find something very special... Black holo!  Having once loved (and lost) OPI's My Private Jet Original I have been searching since to get another black holo which will live up to what I remember MPJ to be.  I have four black holo polishes to compare.

L-R Nails Inc Disco Lane, Barry M Black Multi Glitter, a-england Bridal Veil, Ozotic 526.

All of the pictures below are two coats over matte magic, no topcoat.  A lot are blurry as it seems to be only way to capture holo on these dark miserable nights since the clocks went back. I get up in the dark, arrive at work as it is starting to get light, leave work as it is getting dark! Anyhow onto the polish!

The first if Nails Inc Disco Lane.  This one is labelled up as a holo polish but it's more of a glitter polish, the holo is not fine like spectraflair based ones instead it's quite gritty and scattered through.  The polish is very matte and would need a top coat to give it shine.  This was the main reason I went for the Nails Inc TSV collection and actually turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.

The next polish is Barry M Black Multi Glitter.  This one isn't labelled up as a holo but it certainly has a strong holo nature.  This is very similar to the Nails Inc in texture, but it is much shinier.

Bridal Veil is described on a-england's website as mysterious onyx shroud worn in anticipation of Princess Sabra's impending doom, yet bearing deep within the promise of gleaming hope.  The gleaming hope to me was that is has a soft holo.  It's not an in your face linear holo but it certainly has a subtle hint.

When Ozotic announced the discontinuation of the 5 series holos I had to get this, 526 Black Holo.  This one in the bottle shows the most hope of being an almost match to my old friend MPJ. 

Each of these holos went on more or less perfectly in one coat although I added a second for maximum coverage.  Here is the side by side comparisons (more blurry images!)

The only dupes here are the Nails Inc and Barry M, but that would only be the case with a shiny topcoat. Of the two I would really suggest going for the cheaper Barry M. I only have both because I got the Nails Inc TSV from QVC.  The Ozotic has the strongest holo but for now: The quest continues.....

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