Monday, 12 November 2012

Brown and Smoky Purple comparisons.

The next comparison combines two colours and there is a reason for this.  I am using OPI Wooden-Shoe Like to Know? and China Glaze Foie Gras which are both soft brown shades alongside Color Club Rad Nomad and China Glaze Jungle Queen.

I used WSLTK on my index finger, FG on middle finger, RN on ring finger and JQ on little finger.  Pictures show two coats over matte magic, no top coat.

The last photo shows what happened next... my ringer finger caught my little finger, the polish hadn't dried fully and came of over my finger and left a mess on my nail.

No dupes here.  I had wondered if WSLTK duped FG, but definitely not.  Previously I have lined up the bottles and FG looked more dusky purple hence comparing it to RN and RN is so close to JQ just without the iridescent blue.  I can see these colours making for a great ombre mani some day.

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  1. Gah I always do stuff like that my little finger just doesn't co-operate with my other fingers lol!

    Jazz x


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