Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Changes are coming!

I previously posted about my photo set up, well I've got some improvements to come!  At the weekend I hacked up a box, cutting the sides and top out and filling the holes with white paper, lining it with white paper.  It will give me a better space to work within and more even light.  I can store it on top of the fridge!  I don't have any lights to use with it, this is something I probably won't actually ever get, mainly due to storage space.

I've also just realised that I can connect a camera to my tablet and immediately upload pictures!  The camera I used for my China Glaze Polka Dot post really pleased me, the pictures are really sharp and clear, despite it being a lower megapixel than either my phone or tablet.

Also I have found - and mentioned in a lot of posts recently - that using a matte polish as a base seems to work for me.  My base is always always always Nail Envy, I then top this with Rimmel Matte top coat and this seems to help me in applying my polish.  I don't know if the matte creates a better grip on the nail plate?  Anyhow when I use it I don't seem to flood my cuticles as often, so my painting technique is improving.  I worried that something in the matte polish might weaken or dry my nails, but I have used it now for almost a month with no ill effects.  I also don't seem to have suddenly got any new staining.

I am also trying to change the shape of my nail somewhat, to a squarer shape.

Lots of changes!  I still have some old pictures awaiting watermarks / posts in draft, so for the next couple of weeks these changes may not seem so apparent, but they will be :)

Here's how far I've come...

This is one of my early posts, taken in garden to try and capture the holo in sunlight.

Here is one of the pictures since setting up my temporary photo arrangement (at time I was ill so this was really messy....)

This was first picture taken with new painting technique.

This is the first picture with new light box and newer nail shape coming through.

Here's the first picture from yesterday taken using what will be my new set up :)

Funny how all these posts are blue polishes!

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  1. That is so interesting about the matte polish! I wonder if it would help me, too, because I do struggle with flooded cuticles.


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