Monday, 19 November 2012


I sat down yesterday to try my hand at a basket weave tutorial from "Amber Did It!"  Well Emma didn't do it.  I decided to do just one nail as an accent, but it turned a horrible and confused mess! I was using a-england Camelot with OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui as they are both decent one coaters, so I painted straight over the top of the one disasterous nail with a layer of Camelot and went for my trusty dotting tools instead!

To be fair it seemed to be a disaster from the offset, I forgot to add my trusty layer of matte polish before applying the colours, I ended up flooding my cuticles with polish, the flakie polish I chose for my thumb didn't actually match the other colours once applied, the odds were against me.  Grrrrrr. 

I was quite pleased with my polka dots using one of my smaller dotters until looking at the picture below and spotting two black lines on the middle finger!

The left hand was the bigger disaster of the two! Just noticed some wrinkling on my ring finger, this was the one I'd tried to basket weave.  I also had the bloody cuticle flooding, it looks awful on here, yet looking at my hand I can't see that much mess? The interlocking dots aren't my best either on my ring finger.

I'm in the process of trying to square my nails off so they may be a bit here and there over the next few weeks.  That is if I can stand to have them more square, last time I filed them off within two days!

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