Thursday, 22 November 2012

Glitter Gal Lizard Belly

This was quite a hit in the nail blogging community just over a year ago, a blackened teal with a strong holo.  There were some amazing swatches going on blogs (get ready for a disappointment in mine!) and I was hunting for a suitable polish to wear on my wedding.  Given my wedding was going to have a goth theme and I had chosen a black and teal colour theme it seemed  an appropriate choice.  I started to stalk Llarowe on her eBay store until it came into stock and promptly ordered it.

I didn't ever seem to get the amazing finish seen on other blogs.  Mine seemed to sway more to black with faint holo.

In the end I rejected this polish as too dark, it made my hands blend in with the rest of my outfit.

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  1. So pretty, how awesome and unique to have a goth themed wedding! Good luck and congratulations!

    Jazz x


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