Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Green Bottle Spam

Some green bottle spam for Anna of Anna's Polish Addiction.

I do have one or two greens... I tried to wean out a lot of the teals for this. 

The second W7 from the left is matte green, this is the "Anna" shade I would guess!

The rest of my polishes are here on tumblr and any new purchases since have been posted  under nail mail label - I very rarely shop in store, it'd be fatal!

The odd story about Anna and I is that I came across her blog when looking for Nails Inc swatches of the QVC TSV collection whilst waiting for mine to be delivered.  I started to follow her blog and when I went to comment on a later post realised we work together!  Out of the 57 followers I had at that time one of them was someone I knew!  I hadn't really mentioned my blog to anyone at this point so for someone so local to be following left me gobsmacked!

I once remember hearing Anna mention OPI black shatter, back in the days when OPI were only ones releasing shatters and it was all very new and not very "mainstream" and wondering if she was into nail polishes, but now I know she is!!


  1. Wow, I'm flattered for the mention - thank you! I love this post very much, I can't get enough of green polishes!! You're right about the W7 matte green, it's gorgeous. I love love your green Zoya flakie.. very jealous. I'm suprised that you have so many greens, I thought they would of been overtaken by your blues and purples!!

  2. I do love a green/teal polish, lovely collection you have there x


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