Saturday, 17 November 2012

I'm going to be more active on Pinterest again!

I've been guilty of letting my Pinterest page slip a bit.  I got an Android tablet back in July and use that more than the laptop now, however using the tablet to pin was a right pain the arse.  

I had a "Pin It" button which Google Chrome had imported from laptop bookmarks, this would on work on the in built browser rather than the Chrome app and even then it was hit and miss if it worked.  sometimes the pictures would load so I could choose image to pin, but then it wouldn't pin.  So I just gave up.  

I was still amazed at the daily email from Pinterest telling me people had been repinning my pins, given nothing new had gone on since early September.

I have had the Pinterest for Android app for a while now, but never really bothered using it as it seemed I could only repin images already pinned in there by people I follow: how wrong was I?? 

I only found out yesterday that I can use the "share" option within my menu page to pin!

Here's how simple it is, I can even pin directly from Google Reader!  Here's some screen shots I took this morning when I pinned an image from Chit Chat Nails straight out of Google Reader.  At the top the option is to share.  

Once you click share this menu comes up, tap on Pinterest.

This screen loads so you can select the image to pin.

Once you have chosen the image the Pinterest app opens and you can add a comment, chose the board to pin it to and then select "Pin It" it really is as simple as this!

The process is exactly the same from the Chrome app too, you just click menu, share and it's the same from there.

My Pinterest boards will be heaving soon :)

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